Players and critics agree: This Starter Pack sucks.
A collection of overpriced Destiny 2 weapons, vehicles, and crafting materials.

Update on November 29 at 8:22PM (ET): Bungie has officially pulled the Starter Pack from all storefronts after hearing the complaints.

As of about 7PM (ET), Bungie has pulled the Starter Pack, with the comment that it was "not something bringing joy."

Bungie continued on to say that they have "heard your concerns and agreed that there are other parts of Destiny 2 that new players should want to dive into first."

Social media responses to this new news have been met with some ire from the community. Comments say that while taking the Starter Pack down was the "right call," the reason offered by Bungie is not the reason that people were upset in the first place. Several users agree that people were upset because a pack like this should be free, an incentive to get people to play, and not just "another barrier to entry for new players."

Original story: On November 28, Bungie kicked off their latest season of Destiny 2, Season of the Wish. With the new season came new story content, new seasonal activities, new(ish) gear, and new cosmetics. Bungie also released a new Silver Bundle for Season of the Wish, a pack that includes an emote plus 1700 Silver to be used to purchase other in-game cosmetic items.

The Silver Bundle is a common release with each season and generally isn't too much of an issue with players. It's merely an alternative means of buying Silver while also getting an emote as a "bonus."

The issue lies more with the newly released Starter Pack that Bungie is attempting to sell for Destiny 2. For the price of $15 (USD), the Starter Pack is aimed at new players as a way to give them a little jumpstart on their adventures with Destiny 2.

Not a bad idea, right? Maybe this Starter Pack includes some of the game's older expansions to get people up to speed on the currently ongoing story. No, instead the Starter Pack is a bundle that includes the following items:
  • Three Older Exotic Weapons
    • Ruinous Effigy
    • Sleeper Simulant
    • Traveler's Chosen
  • Three Cosmetics
    • Sparrow
    • Ship
    • Ghost Shell
  • Materials
    • 125K Glimmer
    • 50 Enhancement Cores
    • 5 Enhancement Prisms
    • 1 Ascendant Shard
Existing players are well aware of just how bad of a deal this Starter Pack is. But as Forbes points out, that's exactly the problem. Those that have never played Destiny 2 before, whom this pack is aimed at, have no idea of just how bad of a deal this is. The pack contains three exotics that are not part of any current meta. Hell, with the exception of Sleeper Simulant, which is actually pretty good in some situations, the exotics are kind of garbage.

At a time when Destiny 2 desperately needs to be onboarding new players, this feels actively deceptive, and if I bought this and came to understand just how much I’d been ripped off, I’d put Destiny down and never look at it again.
Forbes is not the only outlet poo-pooing all over the Starter Pack. GamesRadar flat out calls the Starter Pack "a bunch of junk."

This is the kind of thing that nobody should buy. It's not even pay-to-win; the power bump this grants you is infinitesimal. It's pay-to-get-nothing-of-value. Nobody would consider buying it unless they've got more money than they know what to do with or they have no idea how the game works. All of these Exotics are easily unlocked for free, and I can get three times as many materials in an hour.
They are not wrong in this assessment either. It truly is a terrible deal no matter how you put it. The Destiny community, a group that seems to rarely agree on anything, seem to be in agreement that this is just a bad deal.

On Reddit, the reactions are much the same. "I'd say this is pay to win, but really it's just a waste of money," notes one Reddit user. Others are poking fun at how Bungie "really want that 45% back," referencing the fact that Bungie's revenues were coming in at a huge 45% below projections. Still others have remarked about how the Starter Pack is "not a way for new players to jump into the game."

Destiny 2 has long had issues with attracting and retaining new players. The new player experience, despite being overhauled and altered over the years, continues to be abysmal. Often, players are forced into new story content, especially when a new season begins. The problem is: If you don't know the prior story or characters, you will have literally no idea what's going on or who any of these characters are. It also does not help that so much of Destiny 2's earlier story content was vaulted long ago, including the base game's original campaign.

Even long-time Destiny streamers, such as Datto, have brought up just how terrible a deal this Destiny 2 Starter Pack is. You can hear his thoughts on the pack in the video below (starts at 18:40).