I choo-choo-choose you for this RTS game.
Key art showing a soldier from the WWI era standing in front of a locomotive. Text: Last Train Home

Ashborne Games' WWI real-time strategy title Last Train Home is now available on PC via Steam. The game is going for $33.99 (USD) for a limited time courtesy of a 15% launch discount. This price will last until December 5 at which time the price goes up to its normal $39.99.

A Digital Deluxe Edition is also available at a regular price of $54.99 ($46.74 with discount). This more expensive edition includes an official digital soundtrack, digital art book, and also includes access to the game's first paid DLC, Legion Tales, upon its release.

There is also a demo available for the game if you aren't totally sold on the game yet. You can just try it before you (possibly) buy it.

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Brace yourselves to confront the merciless Red Army, endure the gnawing pangs of hunger, and defy the bone-chilling cold of Siberia. This odyssey is long, grueling, and full of challenges - a true test of our mettle. A heroic endeavor that leaves no room for the faint-hearted.

About Last Train Home
The Great War is over - but the fight continues. Command a legion of soldiers desperately trying to make their way home amidst the chaos of civil war. Lead them through the unforgiving wilderness onboard an armored train. Manage your crew and resources and try to survive.

"Legion Tales" promises an immersive encounter with the Czechoslovak Legionaries through a set of exclusive replayable real-time missions. More DLC information will be shared at a later date.