A number of multiplayer maps feature horribly bad player spawn locations.
Image showing armed soldiers fighting at what looks like a quarry facility.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just came out today and already Activision has had to step in to remove a number of maps from the multiplayer. These maps were pulled because some of the spawn points often led to situations where players would repeatedly respawn at the same location, leading to an easy spawn camping farm for other players.

So far, Activision has pulled Quarry, Rundown, Scrapyard, and Karachi from various playlists. Quarry, when played on Hardpoint in particular, saw players spawning in the same spot over and over again. This was made quite apparent in a variety of social media posts from players, including the one seen below.

Rundown and Scrapyard were pulled for the same reason as Quarry. Meanwhile, Karachi was pulled from the Cutthroat playlist because players were spawning alongside enemies.

A recent Bloomberg report says that Modern Warfare 3 was developed in only half the time of other Call of Duty titles. If true, this could explain the lackluster single player campaign and some of these multiplayer issues. However, developer Sledgehammer Games disputes Bloomberg's report and claims Modern Warfare 3 was in development for "years."