The update will launch first as a beta.
An astronaut standing on an alien planet surface looking up at another planet in the skies.

Bethesda is finally adding in a few of the most requested features to Starfield, at least for those playing on PC. Starting next week, a beta release for the update will be offered to players through Steam that adds official support for Nvidia's DLSS technology.

Bethesda confirmed that their team has been working hard on updates for the space adventure game since its release in early September. This next update will be in a beta for a bit until the team is confident everything works fine. It will also be released exclusively to Steam users during this beta period before it's released to everyone on PC along with Xbox Series X|S.

Not only will this next update include official support for DLSS, it will also add in support for HDR adjustments. In a separate post on Twitter, Bethesda said they will be adding support for AMD's FSR 3 in a future update.

Of these features, adding official DLSS support has been one of the most requested from the fanbase. So high was the demand for DLSS that there were a couple of fan created DLSS mods released a day or two after the game's early access release. Those mods have already been downloaded over 1 million times from Nexus Mods and are constantly in the list of most popular mods for Starfield.