The beta is open to those on PlayStation 5.
Foamstars open beta part. Join the 4v4 foam-blasting frenzy. September 9, 2023 through October 1, 2023.

Square Enix will kick off an open beta for the PlayStation exclusive Foamstars. This beta will begin on September 29 at 6PM (PT) and run through to October 1 at 11:59PM (PT).

This open beta will let players experience the competitive shooter ahead of its official release in early 2024. It will grant access to eight selectable characters and two different 4v4 game modes.

To those who haven't seen Foamstars yet: Yes, it does look a lot like the Splatoon games. Though apparently the game is quite good though, like surprisingly good. This is according to a number of media impressions that popped up following hands-on time with the game during its initial reveal. Looks like we'll be able to find out for ourselves in just a couple of weeks.

In the upcoming “FOAMSTARS OPEN BETA PARTY”, players will experience two different 4-v-4 game modes and choose from eight diverse and vibrant characters, each with their own play style, specialist weapons, and unique game-changing skills. With foam as each challenger’s weapon of choice, players must master the game’s foam traversal and construction mechanics to build, block and overpower their competitors to achieve victory.

The playable characters are:
Soa, ΔGITO, Tonix, Jet Justice, Mel T, The Baristador, Rave Breaker, and Pen Gwyn.

The two game modes are:
  • “SMASH THE STAR”: Compete in a frantic battle where the winning strategy changes as the match progresses. In “SMASH THE STAR”, each team must battle it out to secure seven knockouts on the opposing team. Once this is achieved, the best player is chosen to be the “Star Player” and becomes the key to victory! To win the match, teams must defeat the opposing team’s “Star Player” while also protecting their own!
  • “HAPPY BATH SURVIVAL”: A battle between two teams comprised of two “infield” players and two “outfield” players. Victory is earned by defeating both opponent “infield” players, while “outfield” players support and provide defense for their teammates!​
You will be able to join in on the beta by downloading the Foamstars Open Beta Party from the PlayStation Store when it goes live. A PlayStation Plus subscription is not needed to play the open beta.

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