MultiVersus Shutdown Until 2024


  • MultiVersus Shutdown Until 2024

    The "beta" has officially ended.
    Key art visual for the fighting game MultiVersus.

    As promised back in March, MultiVersus has officially gone offline. This officially marks the end of the "open beta" for MultiVersus, with its actual release not happening until early 2024.

    Many players saw this "open beta" to be the game's full release and never really expected that Warner Bros. Games would just take it offline for such an extended period of time. After all, the game already had a battle pass available for it along with several different microtransactions.

    When this shutdown was announced in March, WB Games noted that the full launch will carry over all of the content players already spent money on during the beta phase. The full release will also come with new characters, new maps, new modes, and updated netcode for online battles.

    A firm release date for MultiVersus has not yet been announced outside of the "early 2024" window.
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