Oh come on.
Screenshot from Diablo 4 showing two main antagonists.

Blizzard just revealed that Diablo 4 had the best selling launch in the history of the studio. We already knew that Diablo 4 had the biggest launch day sales for Blizzard, but that momentum just kept on going.

Blizzard now says that in the first five days following the game's June 6th launch, Diablo 4 has surpassed $666 million (USD) in global sales. The actual figure was not provided. It could be that Diablo 4 sold $3 billion worth of Diablo 4 but that "666" is way more on brand for Diablo. Blizzard also notes that the $666 million figure "is the box-office equivalent of the biggest opening week of the year." I'd argue that this is a little meaningless since movie tickets are typically far cheaper than buying a game that starts at $69.99 (USD).

Blizzard also includes some additional "fun" stats about the launch:
  • 276 billion demons killed since Early Access: nearly 35 times the global population.
  • Players have been vanquished over 316 million times
  • …over 5 million of those vanquishings were at the hands of the Butcher.
  • But they’re not falling alone - players have created a party with friends over 166 million times.
  • 163 players have made it to the maximum level in Hardcore mode, where deaths are permanent.​
Diablo 4 is available right now on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. This includes old and new gens of consoles.

I will say that despite the weekend's gaming related events, I was able to finish the main story for Diablo 4. I hope to get my review up some time this week when I'm not so incredibly tired or otherwise busy. For a quick preview of the review: Diablo 4 is a great game that I have been enjoying quite a bit more than Diablo 3.