A first look at this PvP extraction shooter from Bungie.
Key art for Bungie's new Marathon game.

The original Marathon trilogy of titles were first-person shooters set in a sci-fi universe that had a heavy emphasis on storytelling. They were games that were primarily all about the single-player campaign and the story, though there were some competitive multiplayer modes. The last game, Marathon Infinity was first released for Mac in 1996.

Fast-forward to 2023, some 27 years after the last game was released, and there's a new Marathon game announced! Only this Marathon is a PvP extraction shooter ala: Escape from Tarkov, and outside of the location and background lore, has almost nothing in common with the games that preceded it. Oh, Bungie.

This new game was revealed during the recent PlayStation Showcase held on May 24th. The game was announced alongside a little ARG that led to a livestream. The stream would then unlock the first behind-the-scenes ViDoc once it hit 7,777 viewers and last night that goal was quickly hit and that first Marathon ViDoc can be seen below.

Bungie says that there are still more secrets yet to be discovered, so there may be more coming shortly on this one.

Marathon has no release date yet but it is in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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