FPS and UI improvements from Squadron 42 have also been added.
Key art for the Alpha 3.23 update for Star Citizen showing a collage of characters, hover bikes, space ships, and alien animals.

Star Citizen is now up to version Alpha 3.23 as of May 13, 2024. The update is entitled "Adventure Beckons" and it is billed as "the largest patch to date." This update adds in new content such as planetary wildlife, new hoverbikes, improvements to FPS combat, terrestrial mission hubs, and some additional UI improvements ported over from Squadron 42.

The key features in the Alpha 3.23 update can be found below. If you want a comprehensive list of changes, you'll need to hit up the Roberts Space Industries website. I would normally post changelogs here, but Cloud Imperium Games likes to get fancy with how they display patch notes.

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Star Citizen - Alpha 3.23: Adventure Beckons key features:
  • Meet the Wildlife, Marok and Kopian: Life finds a way. Star Citizen’s first native animals have been added to the game, complete with bespoke behaviors fitting their evolutionary paths. Players will begin seeing the small marok bird soaring through the skies, using its proportionally enormous wingspan to travel vast distances with ease as it follows migratory fish. With the addition of humans to their habitat, they’ve been observed feeding on refuse and leftovers as well. While they present no threat to humans, the same can’t be said for the hound-like kopian. This pest creature is more than a nuisance, and brave citizens will be charged with dealing with wild packs of these hounds, just be sure to bring plenty of ammo.
  • Mirai’s Pulse and Pulse LX Hoverbikes Bring Portable Thrills: It’s about the journey, the thrill. Mirai adds its signature fusion of advanced technology and functional elegance with a pair of hoverbikes that offer an unparalleled connection between rider and machine. The Mirai Pulse pushes the boundaries for what an ‘all round’ hoverbike can be, combining integrated light weapons for defense with an ultra-light frame and extreme performance capable of outrunning almost anything it can’t outgun. Shedding its weapons to improve speed and handling, the Pulse LX is a visual spectacle that brings racing prowess and sophisticated styling. Both hoverbikes are extremely portable, fitting in almost any ship’s cargo bay for terrestrial exploration almost anywhere.
  • Master Modes Makes its Galactic Debut: Flying in the ‘verse will never be the same again. Originally tested in patch 3.20, Master Modes is designed to add further intensity and strategy to ship-to-ship combat and foster exciting dogfighting scenarios. All ships now function in either Navigation Mode (NAV) maintaining a spooled quantum drive for both manual quantum travel and quick-travel to specific locations while disabling most offensive and defensive capabilities, and Standard Control Mode (SCM), with full access to weapons, shields, and devices at the cost of considerable speed. Transitioning between modes takes the flip of a switch and a few seconds for systems to power down and up respectively. All ships have been re-tuned for this significant change to space flight.
  • Welcome to the Distribution Center: Adventure Beckons introduces the first iteration of distribution centers throughout the Stanton system. These massive structures can be accessed from the planetary surface, with underground levels to open in later updates, and serve as mission hubs for law abiding players. Personal ground transportation is recommended for traversing these immense establishments, especially as they expand with additional underground levels.
  • Fly, Shoot, and Problem Solve in Arena Commander: New maps and gameplay opportunities have arrived in Star Citizen’s ‘game within a game’. Miner’s Lament is a close-quarters dogfighter's dream come true, or worst nightmare, as pilots fight through the asteroid-laden ring around Yela where the rocks are as deadly as other pilots.
  • Plot a Course with the Star Map: The Star Map has reached its 1.0 update, rolling out a full 3D view of the system to all pilots. Locations can now be searched by name, with additional functionality to automatically plot a course from the present location. The update marks the introduction of a brand-new FPS map for boots on the ground, aiding players to navigate sprawling landing zones or even the interior layout of their ship. With the Star Map, a citizen is never truly lost.
  • FPS Combat Upgrades Deliver More Immersion: Outside of the safety of a cockpit the ‘verse can be a dangerous place, and Adventure Beckons ensures that fighting and surviving is as engaging and enjoyable on foot as it is from ship to ship. FPS combat has never looked or felt more authentic thanks to a range of visual improvements including improved sprinting animations and a new dynamic crosshair option for a more realistic look of exactly where the muzzle of a weapon is aimed at. The feel of combat has been enhanced for additional immersion, with the inclusion of ‘backpack reloading’ for slower access to additional stored magazines, and procedural recoil for all weapons, ensuring every engagement is a truly unique experience.
  • New Cloud Tech and Visual Options: The volumetric cloud technology in Star Citizen has been updated to improve both performance and visual quality, adding ground fog and volumetric shadows as visual options. Additional performance improvements come with support for image upscaling solutions including DLSS, FSR , and an in-house developed TSR solution. Following the addition of over 20 new hairstyles in Alpha 3.22, the character customization system has been overhauled with a new user interface and many new additional customization options.
  • Welcoming New Players to all Landing Zones: The improved New Player Experience, originally released for Area18 in Alpha 3.19, has been expanded and is now supported on all starting locations. While the same core skills are taught at each location, new players can now choose to begin high in the cloud city of Orison, in the mining town of Lorville owned and operated by Hurston Dynamics, on New Babbage which is both a bustling major trading hub and home to high-end electronic companies, or back at Area18’s urban downtown where bright lights attract commerce and entertainment.​