You can freely check out a bit of this hack-and-slash, action-RPG for yourself right now.
First-person view of swinging a sword at a sword using demonic creature.

VOIN is an upcoming hack-and-slash game set in a dark fantasy open world. It's developed by just one person, Nikita Sozidar, with some publishing help by tinyBuild. This first-person game offers a unique visual style with gameplay that looks part medieval Doom and part Dark Messiah of Might & Magic.

Though the full game is not available just yet, a fresh demo for Voin was released on May 14, which means you can try it out right now for yourself. This demo includes features that have never before been shared, such as weather that has an impact on gameplay, overhauled healing mechanics, and a new tutorial that should be more informative for newcomers. There is also an all-new dungeon to test out abilities and movement mechanics. This demo also features the first look at the in-game cutscenes.

This new demo for Voin can be downloaded right now through Steam.

Play as VOIN, an elemental servant created by a powerful mage, tasked with ridding the world of a mysterious plague consuming all life from the realm.

Soar over decaying grasslands and ghoul-infested castle tops to unleash fury from the skies. Explore this grim, twisted world in search of secret areas, weapons, and equipment to aid VOIN’s dangerous quest.

Rid the land of demons with Two-Handed Greatswords, weaving in destructive elemental abilities to deal finishing blows.

Engage in strategic combat and adapt to enemies’ power tiers. Complete missions to unlock Boss Arenas and face bone-chilling monstrosities.

Collect valuable and powerful loot that you can cleanse in the molten deeps of the Hub area to inflict even more damage to your enemies.
The full release of Voin is expected to drop on PC via Steam later in 2024. I don't have a new trailer to show you, but this announcement trailer from just two months ago should hopefully suffice.

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