Bungie says they have "irrefutable evidence" proving they know who a Destiny 2 leaker is.
Screenshot from Destiny 2 showing players engaging with enemies and a giant mining drill machine.

A Destiny streamer is accused of leaking content from recent Destiny 2 Community Summit events. Despite the streamer initially denying the accusations, Bungie says that they have "irrefutable evidence" proving that the quietly accused is guilty of leaking the information to the public.

Over the past several years, there have been fairly regular leaks of confidential information shared with the public. This information apparently came from these Community Summit events where Bungie let some notable members of the community in on future plans for the game, including early looks at upcoming seasons.

Bungie first addressed the issue of these leaks through a Twitter statement made on April 14.

Bungie has not named the streamer in question in any of their statements to the public. However, it didn't take long for the streamer to essentially self-incriminate himself publicly. Ekuegan, a streamer that focused on Destiny content, first denied the accusations on Twitter and then later admitted to Forbes that he was the one being accused.

The leaks shared online include everything from a look at new gear coming to the game, upcoming balance changes, peaks at future story elements, and more. Where Ekuegan messed up came in how the confidential information was captured. The images were photographs of a PC monitor that were taken while the presentation from Bungie was going on. Comparisons between desktop icons seen in the photograph with desktop icons seen during Ekuegan's previous streams made it easy to connect the dots. The icons and placement were identical.

Bungie opted for a rather light punishment against the accused, opting only to permanently ban Ekuegan from Destiny 2. On April 17, Ekuegan was adamant that he was innocent, claiming on Twitter that Bungie "made a huge mistake and I will clear my name." Ekuegan continued to double down multiple times in follow-up tweets.

Shortly after Ekuegan's claims of innocence on Twitter, Bungie issued another statement to the public. In short, the studio says that their security and legal teams have "irrefutable evidence" against the leaker. While they did not specifically name the accused, it seems hard to see Bungie's tweets as anything but a response to Ekuegan's claims of innocence.

Ekuegan did not directly respond to Bungie's latest statements. Instead, he has opted to attack Kim Dotcom on Twitter, claiming users that don't believe him are "bots," and then starting his regular stream. I don't know what he's streaming today, but I can tell you that it's not Destiny 2.