Get it for a limited time.
A man holding a machete jumping off a building while being pursued by a bunch of zombies. Text: Dying Light 2. Free ticket to Harran 04.06-13. Epic Games Store.

Starting April 6, 2023 (that's today) through to Thursday, April 13, 2023 you can get Dying Light Enhanced Edition for free. The only catch here is that this freebie is only being offered through the Epic Games Store.

There is also a special (and free) welcome pack that everyone can add to their accounts. This welcome pack can be yours by simply linking your Epic Games account with Techland GG. The pack looks to include a couple of melee weapons, a bow, a bundle of materials, and a player skin.

Dying Light is a lot of fun, especially in co-op. If you haven't yet played it or just want a free copy of the game on PC, have at it!