These six classic RPGs are now coming to more platforms.
Text: (musical note) I am thankful, my beloved, for your tenderness and grace. Image: A pixelated girl throwing a bouquet of flowers off the side of a pixelated castle, all bathed in moonlight.

Though already released for PC via Steam and mobile devices, the Final Fantasy pixel remaster series is finally coming to more platforms. On April 19, those on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will be able to pick up the first six Final Fantasy titles with some nice quality of life improvements.

Those quality of life improvements include features such as the ability to switch between the newly rearranged soundtrack and the original soundtracks. You can also now choose from a selection of in-game fonts, which is especially handy given how upset some players got over the font changes when these hit other platforms. There is a default font or a new pixel-based font. Other features include the ability to turn off random encounters and adjust experience gain multipliers from 0 up to 4.

PS4 and Switch owners will get the choice to purchase each game individually or as a complete package deal with the Final Fantasy I-VI Bundle. Those buying digitally for the Switch before May 25, 2023 will also get two free themed wallpapers for each game (up to 12 total if buying all six games). Those buying the games digitally on PS4 before May 25, 2023 will get a theme and avatar themed after the game(s) they purchased. Get the bundle and you get all themes and avatars.

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