It may not be the Contra you want, but it's perhaps the Contra you deserve.
A collector's edition box for an energy drink powder inspired by a video game. The box, tub of powder, and a unique shaker cup are shown off with scenes from the game on all products.

G FUEL and Konami Cross Media NY have partnered to bring some classic run and gun action directly to your mouth hole. That's right, Contra is coming back as a new flavor of G FUEL. This is in celebration of Contra being "one of the most iconic run and gun-style shooting games over the last 35 years."

The new Contra flavor of G FUEL is called Rapid Fire and will be mandarin orange flavored. G FUEL Rapid Fire will come packed in a Collector's Box that features artwork of Bill and Lance squaring off against a bunch of enemies. This Collector's Box comes with a tub of Rapid Fire that is good for about 40 servings. The package also includes a 16 oz Shaker Cup that shows off more Contra action.

Pre-orders are up right now at for this release. It looks like the Rapid Fire Collector's Box will run you $39.99 (USD). The product is expected to begin shipping in May 2023.

"Konami Cross Media NY is thrilled to work with G FUEL to create this highly prized CONTRA-inspired beverage collection," said Jennifer Coleman, Vice President of Marketing and Licensing at Konami. "This drink will energize our fan base with a fantastic flavor that evokes the tropics and stimulates the senses for players to stay focused and on top of their game."

"CONTRA remains one of the hardest and most satisfying side-scrolling shooters I ever had the joy of playing," said G FUEL Founder and CEO Cliff Morgan. "It’s still just as challenging today. But thanks to our collaboration with Konami, we might just have an edge over those invading alien hordes with G FUEL Rapid Fire in our arsenal!"
This press announcement, courtesy of G FUEL, says that "Rapid Fire is sugar free and includes antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts. Each serving has only 15 calories and contains 140 mg of caffeine."

A review request has been made for this. I freely admit that I am a sucker for energy drinks and, as this one has a direct tie-in with a video game, it seems like it'd be a good fit for the site.