A cross-platform open beta is underway this weekend.
A trio of 60s era cartoony spies holding different weapons standing in front of a silhouette of a car. The title Deceive Inc. is above them on the image.

Developer Sweet Bandits Studios and publisher Tripwire Presents kicked off their cross-platform open beta for Deceive Inc. yesterday. You may have missed a little bit of play time with this late posting from us, but if you download it right now, you can play through to Monday, March 13 at 11AM (ET).

This open beta is available for Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. This will help the team iron out any last minute issues ahead of the game's full release on March 21, 2023. Speaking of the full game release, this one will run you just $19.99 (USD) on whichever platform you choose. There is also the "Black tie Edition" that will go for $29.99 and offer up some exclusive cosmetics.

The Deceive Inc. open beta includes cross-platform play. This is free to everyone to try and gives you just a taste of what's to come in the full game release. The open beta includes access to all eight of the launch ready agents plus two maps: Hard Sell and Fragrant Shore.

An overview of Deceive Inc. can be seen in the latest developer diary video (embedded below). More details on the game are also available on the Deceive Inc. website and in the little press release blurb below.

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The latest developer diary takes a deep dive into the eccentric world of DECEIVE INC., exploring its colorful cast of characters, diverse gadgetry, and unique locations. DECEIVE INC. is set in a world where governments are prohibited from having their own intelligence services, which has led to a surge in privatized spy companies, including the titular DECEIVE INC. These agencies employ the best spies from across the globe, with each playable character having a distinct backstory and skillset to match a variety of different playstyles. Regardless of the agent players choose, there are a host of high-tech gadgets to help on missions such as an inflatable bouncing pad for a quick escape, a spyglass to obtain intel from afar, and even a device to mimic surrounding objects to hide in plain sight! The developers also discuss the design philosophy for the maps and the look and feel of the game as a whole, citing a desire to blend classic spy fantasies with bright colors and bold lines to make each level, character, and object pop.