In just under 2.5 hours, the first team finished the newest raid and claimed World First.
A team of six standing before a massive space plant that intersects with some alien structures.

The new Destiny 2: Lightfall raid opened its flowery doors earlier today. Right from the get-go teams from all over the world were competing to claim the title of "World First" for the new Root of Nightmares raid.

The first team to complete the raid was Hard in the Paint. The winning competitors are: Roen, Osiris, Punz, Kai, SK, and Grangalf. The team took a little under 2.5 hours, quite fast by opening day standards, to beat the raid and fulfil all additional challenges. This is team Hard in the Paint's first ever World First victory, with some members having placed near the top of previous World First races.

For their win, each team member will be sent a real, physical World First title belt from Bungie. Those that didn't place first can still earn some nice bonuses for completing the raid before March 20, 2023 at 8:59AM (PT). Completion of the Root of Nightmares raid before this date will unlock the option of purchasing the Root of Nightmares Raid Jacket.

I was actually watching Roen's stream from the start today. He mentioned a number of weeks back in a Twitch streamer's chat (where he is a moderator) that he competes often in these World First races. At that time I told him I was going to tune in to watch him for this race and I'm super glad I did today. Big congratulations to Roen and Hard in the Paint for their accomplishment! It was a super hype run!

It was also damn amusing that the raid Roen claimed World First in is abbreviated as RON when there's a long-running joke about him being Ron from Harry Potter. The stars were most certainly aligned today for this.