The MMO opened up some new servers for players to experience the reworked early game.
New World Brimstone Sands

Amazon Games just opened up a number of fresh, brand-spanking new servers for their MMO, New World. The new servers will allow players to get a fresh start on these "Fresh Start" servers that have no established players or economy.

These new servers were added alongside the release of a newly reworked early game experience for players. This reworked experience includes far less travel thanks to the fact that quests are now grouped a lot closer together. There is also supposedly less grinding involved to get anything accomplished in the game.

Amazon also just released Brimstone Sands, a new content update for the game. This update, which dropped on October 18, includes areas that are ancient Egypt and ancient Roman themed. It also includes new quests, new items, and a bunch of content that you would expect from a traditional expansion release in most games.

Right now, New World is on Sale through Steam and Amazon for 50% off. This sale is live only until November 8 at 10AM (PT). To get you up to speed with how the game has progressed since release, Amazon Games put together a "What Has Changed?" video. You can find that below.