Data miners have mined the data to discover some PC VR secrets.
Resident Evil Village VR

In early June, Capcom and Sony announced that Resident Evil Village would be coming to PlayStation VR2. It was expected that PC users would again lose out on a VR option for a Resident Evil game, just as the case was with Resident Evil 7's PlayStation VR exclusive release.

Now, a Redditor going by LitheBeep took the time to dive into Village's files following the release of the Winters' Expansion DLC and found some clues that strongly hint at a potential PC VR release. Alongside the obvious references to PlayStation VR, LitheBeep found references to OpenVR, OculusTouch, OculusVR, OculusRemote, and a string called "autoLaunchSteamVROnButtonPress."

In addition to those items being found within the game files themselves, it was also found through SteamDB that Capcom added in the "VR" tag to Resident Evil Village's Steam listing. This change occurred on October 28.

The unfortunate thing here though is that Capcom had also added the "VR" tag to Resident Evil 7 way back in June of 2017. So far, an official VR release or update for the PC version of Resident Evil 7 has yet to happen. Capcom also seems to have toyed around with both adding and removing several other largely unrelated tags to Resident Evil Village since it was first added to Steam's backend. Some of those tags include "co-op", "hentai", and "dating sim." So, maybe the addition of the VR tag isn't exactly anything to get your hopes up for here.

If you don't care to wait for some official VR release that may or may not happen on PC, modders already have you covered. The talented Praydog created REFramework, a tool that (among other things) adds in VR support for the latest Resident Evil PC releases. This includes the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. This is in addition to VR added to Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village.