Another Resident Evil PlayStation VR exclusive from Capcom.
Resident Evil Village VR

Just as the case was with Resident Evil 7 so will happen again with Resident Evil Village (RE8). During this evening's State of Play, Capcom announced that Resident Evil Village will be coming to PlayStation VR2 once that hardware is released.

From everything I'm reading here, including the official Capcom press release, Resident Evil Village's VR support will be exclusive to the PlayStation VR2 platform. So, not only will you need to have a PlayStation 5 to play this, but you will also need the still unreleased PlayStation VR2 hardware. I can only assume that money exchanged hands at some point to make this a PSVR2 exclusive.

Ah well, at least VR mod makers are doing what Capcom won't for PCVR users.

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The story mode for the award-winning eighth main entry in the Resident Evil™ series is in development for PlayStation VR2 on PlayStation®5. Ethan Winters’ terrifying tale will deepen the immersion by utilizing the new headset’s 4KD HDR display, eye tracking, 3D audio, and other advanced features. The journey through Castle Dimitrescu and the surrounding village is more intense than ever before when experienced in VR, drawing players into a hyper-realistic world that virtually feels tangible.

The experience will include support for PlayStation VR2 Sense™ technology and introduce new ways to interact with the world of Resident Evil Village. These controllers empower players to perform intuitive actions, such as raising their arms to guard against enemy attacks. The VR campaign also introduces other new gameplay elements, such as the ability for Ethan to dual wield weapons.