Is Rick and Morty now part of the Star Wars universe?
Rick and Morty - Pickle Rick in Fortnite

No, the answer is no. Despite a free Pickle Rick item being added to Fortnite the same week they are selling a bunch of Star Wars skins, it does not mean Rick and Morty are party of the Star Wars universe.

This week, Epic is celebrating at least one particular family in Star Wars. For the next several days, you can enjoy Skywalker Week. During this limited time event, you'll be able to pick up various Star Wars player skins and other cosmetics from the in-game item shop.

This means you will be able to run around as Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo. While playing, you will be able to find Star Wars weapons like Lightsabers, E-11 Blaster Rifles, and more that you can use against opponents. Epic also unvaulted items like the Junk Rift and Pulse Rifle for Skywalker week, because why not.

Fortnite Skywalker Week - Leia Organa

Similar to those very non-Star Wars items being available for the week, Epic is also offering up a Rick and Morty freebie to players. According to an announcement on Twitter, you will be able to get a Pickle Rick Back Bling if you play the Horde Rush mode and complete some quests. Once you complete those quests, you too can repeat quotes like "I'm Pickle Riiiiiick" ad nauseum to your teammates.

For those of you still playing the Save the World co-op content for Fortnite, that also received a bit of an update today with the V22.30 update. One of the big additions for Save the World is the ability to ride the wildlife, just as you've been able to do for a while now in the battle royale mode. There is also a new Hero and a new questline that will net you some new content if you complete it.

Those who enjoy Fortnite's Creative mode also have some cause for celebration. The entire Battle Royale Island is now available as a starter island. You can now make your own custom battle royale experiences on the very island you're already familiar with. There are a lot of additions, improvements, and more for Creative mode with today's update, so be sure to check out the full changelog.