The studio completely upended its existing business model for Moonbreaker after fan backlash.

Moonbreaker, the latest title from Subnautica developer, Unknown Worlds, received a substantial change in its latest Early Access update. Hearing the complaints from fans and the community, Unknown Worlds has removed the game's monetization mechanics entirely.

A new post from Unknown Worlds came alongside talk about the next content for the game that allows players to paint their own miniatures and then do battle with them. The update adds additional content to Zak's Story while removing monetization mechanics such as loot box style mechanics and in-game currencies that were able to be purchased with real money.

Unknown Worlds says that they are refunding previous purchases of those microtransactions to players. This refund policy even extends to those that purchased the game's Founders Packs because part of the incentive for those was some of that premium currency.

During a time in which it seems like every studio under the Sun is adding in microtransactions, it's nice to put up a story about a company that listened to fan feedback and decided to remove microtransactions.

Our first content patch "Zax's Story" (EA1.1) is releasing tomorrow, October 27. It will feature a ton of community driven changes to gameplay, but most importantly we have completely overhauled the business model to remove Pulsars, Boosters, and Blanks.

A major part of the Early Access process is taking community feedback on board and making some big and exciting changes. We’ve been reading and evaluating everything you’ve suggested on our Discord and Nolt board – which already helped to guide our decision to remove Cargo Run Contracts from Moonbreaker – and have been diligently reviewing every area of the game. Based on your ongoing feedback, we are re-aligning to make Moonbreaker better reflect our Early Access goals.

Here are some of the major business model changes coming alongside tomorrow's content update:
  • Pulsars (our hard currency) will no longer be available to purchase or exchange for in-game items during Early Access.
  • Units will be unlocked automatically with the base game. Yes, that means no more Booster Boxes. This also means that all Units added with each new Season will be unlocked automatically, too.
  • Blanks and Merits are no longer an in-game currency and will be replaced with Sparks. Sparks can be used to upgrade a Unit’s Rarity. As a reminder, Rarity is cosmetic only.
  • The in-game store is being disabled. All Pulsar purchases will be automatically refunded via Steam (details below).
  • Founder’s Pack Pulsars will be replaced with a new Zax and Slopper Skin. Players who already own the Founder’s Pack will automatically receive the Skin. The Founder’s Pack can be refunded upon request if you are not happy with the changes (details below).
  • Season Track progression will now be faster, and include some new, exciting cosmetic rewards.​
(...)It is important to us, especially during Early Access, to build an amazing game alongside our community and focus on making Moonbreaker as fun as possible.

Early Access is a time for us to experiment and improve the game, and the monetization in its current form was affecting that goal. So we're removing it to focus on making the best game that we can, before we leave Early Access.​