A recent patch has caused a lot of problems for players.
Resident Evil Village Lady D

This past week, a new update was pushed out to Resident Evil Village that rendered the game nigh unplayable for many PC players. The patch was released in preparation for the upcoming Winters' Expansion content that will be released on October 27, 2022. This is the DLC that includes new Mercenaries mode content, a third-person camera option, and story content that is said to conclude the story of the Winters' family.

The recent patch that was released for Resident Evil Village on PC had an unfortunate side-effect of causing the game to crash for those playing on PC. Some PC players were also reporting that when starting Village, they were greeted with a message saying that their data was "incompatible." The message suggested to try restarting the game. This would continue on no matter how many times the game was restarted.

Earlier today, Capcom took to their official Resident Evil Twitter account to apologize for the issues. They continued on to say that they are currently working on a fix.

As of the time of this posting, Capcom did not provide any sort of an ETA on when any fix will be released.

If you really want your Resident Evil Village fix right now, a Steam user posted a workaround. I cannot vouch for this workaround, however. The user also suggests that the game's current issue on PC might be related to some new code introduced in the latest patch "that checks for modifications made to the game's code and then prevents itself from running if any is detected."