The next Resident Evil game will apparently have a new focus.
Resident Evil Village Winters' Expansion

Capcom revealed that the upcoming Shadows of Rose DLC for Resident Evil Village will be the final piece of content focused on the family Winters. In an interview with IGN, Resident Evil Village's director Kento Kinoshita said that Capcom is making this new DLC specifically "to conclude the Winters family saga."

The Resident Evil franchise has focused on the Winters family since Resident Evil 7. It was this game where we first stepped into the shoes of Ethan Winters as he searched for his missing girlfriend, Mia. Resident Evil 7 took Ethan to the southern United States, specifically the back bayous of Louisiana. Resident Evil Village continued the story of Ethan and Mia, this time taking place in eastern Europe. In Village, Ethan was trying to find his kidnapped daughter, Rose.

Shadows of Rose, a part of the larger Winters' Expansion, you will play as a grown-up Rose. Taking place a couple of decades after the events at the end of Village, this story will presumably be the last time we play as a member of the Winters family. It can safely be assumed that the next mainline Resident Evil game, be it Resident Evil 9 or something else, will either introduce new characters or it will return the focus to other familiar faces such as Chris, Jill, Leon, or Claire. Hell, maybe Resident Evil 0's Billy Coen will make a return.

The Winters' Expansion will also include a third-person mode for the main game. There will also be new characters for Mercenaries with the addition of Mercenaries Additional Orders content. The Winters' Expansion will be out on October 27, 2022 for all platforms.