Cyberpunk 2077 police

There have been some rather significant reveals and releases this week for Cyberpunk 2077. First was the release of Patch 1.6 (Edgerunners) update for Cyberpunk 2077, which added in new content based off of the upcoming Netflix animated show. Then we got our first look at the Phantom Liberty expansion coming next year. After that, we learned that new content support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Cyberpunk were coming to an end.

Today, we see word that CD Projekt Red will completely overhaul both the broken police system and vehicular combat. In the latest Night City Wire: Edgerunners' presentation, Cyberpunk 2077 director Gabe Amatangelo says that they are working on "a complete overhaul to the cop system as well as vehicle-to-vehicle combat."

While this is just a single sentence in what was a near 25-minute-long video, the hype amongst fans for these changes is palpable.

If you played the game at launch, you probably know just how abysmal the police system was in the game. Police would appear out of thin air and try to take you out if you committed a crime. You could be out in the middle of nowhere, commit a crime with nobody else around, and the police would literally pop into existence around you. They would also only chase you on foot, even if you got into a car and drove away. When the police weren't appearing out of thin air, they were disappearing into thin air if you simply looked away from them at various times.

Last year, one of Cyberpunk's updates tried to make the cop system a little bit less terrible. In April 2021, an update was released that would prevent the police from teleporting behind you on rooftops. That was just a band aid over what has otherwise been a gaping wound.

Sadly, Amatangelo did not provide any additional details on this upcoming overhaul. He also did not provide any sort of timeframe as to when these overhauled systems will be implemented into Cyberpunk 2077.