Take on a group of pro-zombie cultists.
Back 4 Blood - Children of the Worm infographic

Back 4 Blood will expand once again on August 30 when the Children of the Worm DLC is released. This new content, developed by Turtle Rock Studios, will see players taking on a new group of enemies in the form of zombie-loving cultists.

This DLC adds in an all-new campaign where players go up against these armed cultists along with the hordes of undead. This campaign will serve as the game's fifth act of the campaign and will span six chapters, which makes it just shorter than the main game's other three acts, but far longer than the single-chapter fourth act, Tunnels of Terror, that came out in April 2022.

The Children of the Worm content will include new locations, new weapons, new accessories, new cards that can be used to modify and enhance your build, new character skins, new weapon skins, and a new playable character. The new character is named Prophet Dan, a bald Irishman preacher with an absolutely fabulous moustache.

This new DLC will be out tomorrow for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. A price for this new DLC was not specified yet. However, the Tunnels of Terror DLC was priced at $15 (USD). I can't imagine they would charge more for this, but you just never know. This content is also included at no extra charge for those with the Annual Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition.