This comes after years of really buggy releases.
Madden NFL 23

Madden NFL 23 developer, EA Sports, says that this year's release will be the "most polished" version in quite some time. This comes after years of fan complaints over long-standing bugs that have plagued the series, notably with the next-gen releases. The biggest complaints over recent years focused on how the game felt unpolished, the same ol' same ol' presentation year after year, and game modes that were just lacking when compared to other titles.

In an interview with IGN, Madden NFL senior producer Clint Oldenburg flatly says that they are working to make this year's release not be a hot mess at release.

"We are very confident that our game for Madden 23 is going to be the most polished version of Madden that we've had in a long time," Oldenburg says. "What I'm not going to say is it's going to be perfect, but I am going to say that the team is still striving to reach perfection, as hard as that may be to reach. That is what our goal is. Polish is our top priority, and we know that we cannot reach our goals if our players believe that our game is a buggy experience."
That's probably some great news for those that purchase the new Madden release year after year. Of course, you may still want to see what others say about this year's release to see if things really have changed or not.

Perhaps more importantly, at least to PC players, is the other major elephant in the room: Why the hell is the PC release still the old version of the game?

Thankfully, IGN asked EA about this very issue, and the response was vague yet positive.

PC players, meanwhile, continue to receive short shrift. Asked why the PC version isn’t keeping pace with the console releases, an EA spokesperson said, "We have a passionate group of players who enjoy Madden NFL on PC. It’s important to our team that the PC version of Madden becomes comparable to the current generation versions, and we’re working towards that in the future."
We already know that Madden NFL 23 will still be the last-gen release when it comes to PC in August. That's the bad news. The good news is that other EA Sports titles like FIFA 23 will be making the next-gen leap on PC. This is hopefully a sign then that Madden NFL 24 will finally have feature parity between PC and the newest console generation.

Madden NFL 23 will have an early launch on August 16 and a regular one on August 19.