The hotfix driver fixes issues with several popular titles.
Destiny 2

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you may want to pick up the latest hotfix driver release. Nvidia put out a new hotfix driver today for RTX and GTX video cards. This hotfix is based on the latest Game Ready Driver 516.59 and brings the driver version up to 516.79.

Contained in today's hotfix release are a number of fixes for some issues in a handful of newer and more popular games. Particularly of note here are fixes for both Destiny 2 and Overwatch that addresses a freezing issue several players were encountering in both games.

The full details on what all this hotfix driver can be found below. If you are currently on 516.59 and experiencing these issues, you can do so through the Nvidia Support site.

The hotfix addresses the following issues:
  • [Apex Legends] Improves gameplay stability [3661210]
  • [Overwatch] Game may freeze on launching a match [3696921]
  • [Dungeons 3] Game will crash on startup [3691274]
  • [Red Dead Redemption 2] Performance improvement when using DLSS is lower compared to previous drivers [3700239]
  • [Destiny 2] Game may randomly freeze after launching game or during gameplay. [3685638]
  • [Halo Infinite] Increased stability during gameplay [3603261]