Another video to again try to make sense of just what Redfall is and is not.
Redfall screenshot

Earlier in June, Arkane showed off some new Redfall gameplay footage during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase event. It seems as though the marketing for the game hasn't yet clearly conveyed to players what exactly the game is all about.

For instance, despite all prior marketing talking about Redfall's co-op experience, we learned that only the host of a game will make progress in the campaign. Game designer Harvey Smith's reasons behind that supposedly intentional choice are rather flimsy.

"So for the flow of things you want to have to redo those. The story would be very confusing if you got to mission 8 and it said 'skip this one because you've already done it.'"
And again, I ask this: Would it not just be as confusing for players to jump into a co-op game that is on mission 8 when they haven't completed mission 3 in their game?

Alas, the point of this news today is that Arkane seems keenly aware that they haven't been particularly clear about what Redfall is and what Redfall is not. To that end, they released a new video today that offers everyone "a more focused look at what the Redfall experience provides players."

Redfall is an open world, story-driven shooter that gives players the option to go it alone or play with up to three other friends as they unravel the mysterious appearance of Vampires on the island town of Redfall, Massachusetts. With a diverse team of heroes to choose from, players can collect an arsenal of specialized weaponry and customize their character with unique abilities and upgrades as they take back Redfall.