Redfall is the open-world vampire hunting co-op title from Arkane.
Redfall Layla

Arkane Austin showed up to the recent Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase in a big way this past weekend. The studio shared the first look at gameplay for Redfall, the studio's open-world, co-op FPS where you team up to hunt down powerful vampires.

While Redfall is often compared to games like Left 4 Dead, Arkane wants us to know that their game is very much not like Left 4 Dead. In an interview with GameSpot, Arkane Austin studio director Harvey Smith and Redfall co-creative director Ricardo Bare, make it very clear that the two games don't share very much in common.

"Once in a while, we get compared to Left 4 Dead," Smith told GameSpot. "But this is a big campaign that is persistent and you play through the story and level your character up and you can do that alone or with other people. We love Left 4 Dead, but [Redfall] is not Left 4 Dead in any way really, other than colorful characters. When you play alone in our game, you have one character, there aren't bots. We don't have the whole party together."
Redfall, besides being the game's title, is the name of a fictional island town in Massachusetts where the game takes place. During the recent showcase, Arkane showed off the moment-to-moment gameplay of the game. Players will be able to combine powers and abilities with their teammates to tackle those evil vampires.

Each character will also feature a deep skill system. Devinder is an overly curious cryptozoologist. Layla is a telekinetic college student. Remi is a brilliant and dependable combat engineer. Finally, there is Jacob the werewolf from Twilight hardened ex-military sharpshooter.

Redfall currently has a nebulous 2023 release date. It's in development for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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