She was added as part of a free update released today.
Marvel's Avengers - Jane Foster Mighty Thor

Jane Foster's Mighty Thor was just added to Marvel's Avengers today. Foster was first teased back in the far-off time of April 2022 with a short, animated teaser. Today, she was released to everyone that owns the game as part of a free update.

Developer Crystal Dynamics offers up a deep-dive video that showcases her abilities and what they'll offer to this action game. The comparisons to Thor Odinson are obviously going to be made, but her abilities are unique enough to be distinct.

Jane Foster has a ranged attack combo that can deal with enemies without needing to be aimed. She's also able to utilize Mjolnir as part of her basic combo or send enemies flying with a kick. She can also summon the All-Weapon named Undrjarn. She joins both Thor and Iron Man as the game's only flying heroes.

Like the other heroes, Mighty Thor has a variety of comic-inspired outfits, character specific challenge card, and her own mission chain.

Despite the trailer, seen below, being for the PlayStation version of Marvel's Avengers, Jane Foster's Mighty Thor is available on all platforms.