John Madden once again appears on the cover of the series that bears his name.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame head coach of the Raiders and super well known NFL color commentator, John Madden, will once again return to appear on the cover of a Madden NFL game. With Madden NFL 23, the late John Madden will appear on the cover in a design that harkens back to the look of the first John Madden Football, which came out on June 1, 1988.

Howev er, there will be not one, but three Madden NFL 23 covers that will "pay tribute to a different chapter in Coach Madden's unforgettable life." The other two covers revealed today shows off John Madden as his role as a "video game icon who helped grow the love of NFL football around the world."

The two additional covers focus on Madden's time as an NFL broadcaster along with his career as "one of the most beloved and respected coaches in history." You can see all three cover art pieces below.

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EA is also including an interesting "All Madden" Matchup in Madden NFL 23.

When Madden NFL 23 launches later this summer, the first interactive experience will feature two versions of Coach Madden leading opposing teams of “All Madden” athletes facing off in the 1970s Oakland Coliseum. In addition, the unforgettable voice of Coach Madden returns during the game in remastered audio clips that callback to his legendary days as a broadcaster.
There will be "more ways Coach Madden will be honored in Madden NFL 23" revealed in the coming weeks.

In case you have not yet seen the original John Madden Football cover art from 1988, you can see it in all its glory below.

John Madden Football 1988 cover art