Presumably an $85 value here.
Xbox Games with Gold - June 2022

As Game Pass continues to be one of the best deals in gaming, Xbox Live Gold continues to spiral downwards. Well, at least as far as the "free" monthly Game Pass titles are concerned. The games for June 2022 were revealed by Xbox Wire and while they total nearly $85 if purchased separately, you may not personally see the same value here.

There are again four games being offered in June. They are all presumably playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility, however there are two that cannot be played if you only own an Xbox 360.

Aven Colony (XB1 & SeriesX|S) - Available June 1-30
Build a new world and a life for humanity. It’s your job to develop Aven Colony on the strange new world of Aven Prime. Use construction drones to help your small settlements grow into massive cities. It won’t be easy. This exotic planet is filled with deserts, tundras, and teeming jungles. There are strange alien lifeforms and winter is coming which will freeze over the entire planet. Delve into your new home’s mysterious past by leading exploratory expeditions. Govern the growing populace using multiple overlay modes for crops, citizens, happiness, water and more. Life is difficult but the future can be bright if you make it so on Aven Colony.

Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition (XB1 & Series X|S) - Available June 16 - July 15
You are the architect and the big metropolis is ready for your vision. Develop gleaming, majestic skyscrapers that will be the talk of the town. But a skyscraper is more than just steel and concrete, it’s a vibrant ecosystem filled with residents and workers. Keep everything running smoothly using your logistical skills. Entice and attract businesses, residents, tourists, convention goers and more. Explore open sandbox play or conquer campaign mode in 29 scenario challenges. The city awaits!

Super Meat Boy (XB1, Series X|S, & 360) - Available June 1 - 15
You’re not just any blob of meat. You are Super Meat Boy and you’ll do anything to save your beloved damsel in distress (who happens to be completely wrapped in bandages) from evil dressed up in a tux. Leap through caves and walls avoiding buzzsaws and needles in this streamlined platformer. Venture into the very depths of Hell itself for epic boss fights as you make your way through 300+ single player levels. It’s meaty good fun!

Raskulls (XB1, Series X|S, & 360) - Available June 16 - 30
Get ready for a Raskulls Megaquest spanning 3 chapters and over 60 levels! Wield your block-breaking wands to get through every level as fast as you can. Collect your Boosties and feed your Frenzy bar for quick bursts of super speed. Enjoy multiplayer online or via couch play. Dive into this fun, quirky platformer filled with Shiny Stones, intergalactic buccaneers and cheese!