Latest expedition offers a chance to get your very own space whale.
No Man's Sky Leviathan Expedition

No Man's Sky "Leviathan" is the latest expedition to arrive for space adventurers. Leviathan adds in some interesting new game mechanics for players to work their way through, including a little time looping and space whales.

I suppose technically, they aren't whales, but they are in space. They are alien leviathan creatures, but they have already been come to be seen as space whales by the community. Even Hallo Games founder Sean Murray seems to consider them space whales given a cheeky little tweet sent out a few days back.

You can get your very own space whale/leviathan within No Man's Sky, but you will have to jump through some loops to get it. The expedition is a bit like a roguelike in nature and is all set within a repeating loop of time. If you die during the expedition (would that be a ... Deathloop?!), you restart at the beginning with a randomly generated loadout. Milestones reached by the community will lead to powerful upgrades getting unlocked and available for use by players during the expedition.

Other rewards for completing this expedition include a new "Whalestalker" cloak, an Organic Frigate Calf, base decorations, and a fancy looking Temporal Starship Trail.