This new RPG will serve as a prequel to the first game.
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In 2019, a rather solid action-RPG called Greedfall was released. The game must have resonated well with fans because Spiders and Focus Home just announced Greedfall 2: The Dying World today. This new title will actually be a prequel to the first game, taking place three years before the events in the original game.

Though a relatively "niche" title, Greedfall went on to sell at least a million copies within a year of its release. It then went on to sell over another million since then.

Greedfall 2 is a prequel set three years before the events of the first game. You will play as someone native to Teer Fradee, the location that is being colonized in the first Greedfall. Once again you will engage in combat and diplomacy to try to form alliances, gain your freedom, and to try to stop the conquest of your homeland.

Greedfall 2 is looking to be released in 2024 for PC and consoles.

"While we were working on Steelrising, our love of the GreedFall universe never faded, and so we are thrilled to be returning to it," said Jehanne Rousseau, Founder and Director of Spiders development studio. "In this new chapter, players will explore the old continent with its bigger and more diverse environments. They will meet new companions and new factions, and I hope they will have unforgettable adventures."