The FTC hurdle has still yet to be overcome.
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Activision Blizzard stockholders voted today in favor of the pending acquisition by Microsoft. Of course, this really doesn't mean that it's all a done deal just yet as Microsoft still needs to get approval from the FTC and other regulating bodies.

According to a press release sent out today, over 98% of the owners voted in favor of the acquisition. Microsoft is hopeful that the deal will close in their next fiscal year, which runs from July 2022 to June 2023. Microsoft announced their move to buy Activision Blizzard in January 2022 in a deal worth almost $70 billion (USD).

There is still a very long road ahead until this acquisition is finalized. Even if or when this deal is finalized, some questions still linger in the air. One of those questions involves the fate of current Activision CEO Bobby Kotick. Many have called for Kotick's resignation following a string of lawsuits and legal investigations into the countless accusations of workplace discrimination and harassment.