All proceeds raised are going to help Ukraine.
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The co-founder of id Software John Romero just released a new Doom II level. Yes, a new Doom II level was released from one of the game's original creators almost 30 years after the game was released.

This is a special map release. Romero is selling the level to every interested party for a price of €5.00 (or $5.53 USD). All of the proceeds raised are going to the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund, which is working to support the people of Ukraine.

The new map is called "One Humanity" and is available right now through Romero's online storefront.

John Romero is one of the latest in the gaming industry to show their support for Ukraine and its citizens in the wake of Russian's invasion of the country. Today, CD Projekt Group announced that they are suspending digital sales and physical deliveries of all products, "as well as all games distributed on the GOG platform, to the territories of Russia and Belarus." Bloober Team also said they will stop selling their games in Russia and Belarus.

Others in the tech and gaming industry have also stopped selling or distributing their products in Russia and Belarus. Apple, Disney, Sony Pictures, Paramount, and more have all stopped offering their products and services in those regions. Intel and AMD have also suspended chip sales to Russia. Payment systems, such as SWIFT, have also locked out Russians from sending and receiving electronic payments.