Halo Infinite's First Multiplayer Event Frustrates Fans


  • Halo Infinite's First Multiplayer Event Frustrates Fans

    Gated progression is the biggest issue upsetting fans.
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    Halo Infinite's first event, Fracture: Tenrai, gives players a chance to earn some free rewards such as the samurai-looking Yoroi Armor. Unfortunately, fans are already running into issues with the way progress is gated.

    Fracture: Tenrai is a free event available to everyone playing this free-to-play release of the Halo Infinite multiplayer. There are 30 tiers of rewards to earn. Much like the much-criticized Battle Pass present in Halo Infinite, progress through these 30 event levels are locked behind the completion of specific event challenges.

    This isn't inherently bad on its own. After all, 343 Industries aren't just going to give away all of that content without some sort of work put in by the player. The real issue with this event pass is that it simply cannot be completed in the first week of the event, which ends on Monday, November 30. This was flat out confirmed by Halo marketing lead Noah Benesch on Twitter. He event says that you cannot purchase tier skips for the Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass either.

    If you are confused as to why this event is only running for a week, it's because it's not. 343 Industries is breaking this event up into six separate week-long periods throughout Halo Infinite multiplayer's inaugural season. This first week, ending November 30th, will be followed by five additional weeks spaced out over the coming months.

    One of the biggest issues players have encountered with this Event Pass is that a not-insignificant number of levels are just padded with fluff. There are several levels that include Challenge Swaps and general bonus XP for the regular Battle Pass. Of the 30 levels in the Event Pass only 10 of them are actual event-themed rewards.

    Reddit user, PN4R, broke it down thusly:

    So there's 30 tiers, 10 of them being XP bonuses and 6 of them being challenge swaps.

    Out of the 14 tiers remaining which includes ''actual'' content, 4 of them is a single emblem that you need to unlock 4 times to be able to use it everywhere.

    Out of the 10 remaining, you unlock 3 color palettes that are (locked to) this specific armor.

    Out of the 7 remaining, you get 1 stupid callsign backdrop that most people will forget.

    So out of the 30 tiers for this event, you only get 6 armor parts, 2 of which are the same shoulder pad that you need to unlock 2 times for both shoulders.

    Meanwhile, 343 sells a 25$ armor set in the shop which actually looks pretty cool.
    The "25$ armor set" mentioned in the above quote is the Chonmage Armor Set. It is part of a bundle that can be purchased for 2,000 in-game credits. 2,000 in-game credits will currently cost you $17.99 (USD). There is another bundle, Sentinel's Blades, which includes a Legendary Utility item that can only be equipped on the samurai armor. Players are also unable to spend money to quickly advance tiers in the Event Pass. The "free" Yoroi Armor isn't unlocked until reaching level 5.

    Unfortunately, this entire system gets even worse. The Event Challenges that make progress for both the Event Pass and the Battle Pass are mixed in with the standard Battle Pass challenges. This means that there are times where you run out of event challenges. When this happens, you simply cannot make any more progress until you complete non-event challenges to cycle in new event challenges.

    Fans are also a bit upset that this event re-introduced a game mode, Fiesta, that isn't a permanent fixture in Halo Infinite. Fiesta is a game mode that has been around since Halo 3. It's a Slayer variant where players spawn in with randomized weapons and gear each life. The fact that this is just a time-limited mode and not a permanent addition to the game's rather paltry existing list of modes is what fans have issue with.

    Much like the case is with the Battle Pass, 343 Industries is hearing the feedback "loud and clear." Community director Brian Jarrard said that "constructive feedback is being heard loud and clear. Changes will take time and our priority this week is giving the team a much deserved break for the holiday after a long final stretch."

    The studio already had to implement a few changes to the normal Battle Pass progression after it launched in a real pathetic state. Chances are further changes will be coming to Pass progression across the board in due time. As it stands, both systems still need a lot of work. It's just a shame too, because the core gameplay is actually quite enjoyable, even if you cannot limit yourself to specific game modes.
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