IO Interactive also hints at something major coming in Spring.
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Hitman 3 released way back on January 20, 2021 and since then IO Interactive has supported the title fairly regularly with content updates, mainly in the form of their "Seven Deadly Sins" motif. With the game's second year of existence rapidly approaching, IO Interactive seems to have no plans to slow down just yet.

The studio says that Hitman 3's post-launch content will continue throughout 2022 with "new maps, new storylines, new modes, and new ways to play." Today's announcement also coincides with word that the entire "World of Assassination" trilogy has reached the impressive milestone of 50 million players. In addition, Hitman 3 has been the studio's most successful Hitman game of all time.

IO Interactive says that Hitman 3 - Year 2 begins on January 20, 2022. Throughout the year, new content includes the aforementioned new maps and storylines, but there's still more. In 2022, Hitman 3 will get support for real-time ray tracing on PC. The PC version will also get virtual reality support in January 2022. This follows the PlayStation VR support that was added some months back. The full technical details on PC VR support will be shared in the leadup to that January 20th release date.

In addition to these new visual features, there will be new ways to tackle Elusive Targets in 2022. IO calls this new mode "Elusive Target Arcade" and it will be "a change to the established formula in this fan-favorite game mode." Details on what exactly that means will be shared in early 2022. Finally, IO says that in Spring 2022, there will be a "major update" released for the game. They have it listed under [REDACTED] so it will be very interesting to see what this ends up being.