Blizzard needs time to figure out what it means for BlizzCon to be "safe, welcoming, and inclusive."
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Blizzard announces that they are cancelling BlizzConline, which was initially slated to take place early in 2022. The reason behind this move is because Blizzard needs time to figure out how to make future BlizzCon events be "safe, welcoming, and inclusive."

This is the first time in 16 years since the event began that Blizzard has outright cancelled BlizzCon. The in-person events in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled, which is the reason why we had BlizzConline in the first place.

A new blog post by the company says that the team needs the energy that would typically go towards planning BlizzCon should instead be put to better use elsewhere. Specifically, they say that they want to direct that energy and time towards "supporting our teams and progressing development of our games and experiences."

Additionally, we would also like to take the time to reimagine what a BlizzCon event of the future could look like. The first BlizzCon was held 16 years ago, and so much has changed in the time since—most notably, the multiple ways in which players and communities can come together and feel like they are a part of something bigger. Whatever the event looks like in the future, we also need to ensure that it feels as safe, welcoming, and inclusive as possible. We’re committed to continual communication with our players, and we see BlizzCon playing a big role in that going forward. We’re excited about what we’ll do with the event when we revisit it in the future.
Blizzard does note in that blog that they still plan to make some new announcements in 2022 for upcoming titles and updates to existing games.

This all comes at a time when Activision Blizzard are super busy dealing with sexual discrimination lawsuits, investor lawsuits, angry fans, and angry employees. A little refresher on all of that can be found here.

There is a little update to share with you about all of that, however. Last we shared, Activision Blizzard was looking to delay their legal battle against the California Department of Fair and Equal Housing. Most saw it as a way for the company to try to weasel their way out of that major lawsuit brought against them, the very one that kicked off this whole massive legal mess they find themselves in the middle of.

Well, as it turns out, a Los Angeles judge ruled that the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard won't be paused. No detailed reason for the decision was provided.