The heist game will take place in a "living, enormous representation" of the Big Apple.
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Starbreeze Studios and Overkill Software revealed some fresh new information for Payday 3during a recent Payday 10th anniversary stream this past weekend. Payday 3 is set to take place in the Big Apple, otherwise known as New York City. Game director Erik Wonnevi says that it will take place in a "living, enormous representation" of the city.

The events of Payday 3 take place several years following the events of Payday 2. Returning from retirement are familiar characters such as Chains, Dallas, Hoxton, and Wolf. These four will be taking on some more modern heist ideas in Payday 3, with targets that include software giants. Things like cryptocurrency, mass surveillance, and even the dark web will all have some sort of a role in the game's story and gameplay.

Don't worry too much about everything being "modern" in Payday 3. Some concept art depicted a bank named "Gold & Sharke Incorporated" that will probably be one of the fictional places that you will be able to rob.

During their stream, Starbreeze did not show any actual gameplay or cinematics from Payday 3. They did share that the game is in development using Unreal Engine. The previous games used something called the Grin engine. Wonnevi says that Unreal Engine will allow players to see New York City react to player decisions. It's not really clear what that means or why the engine has a role in it.

Payday 3 is looking to be released somewhere in the 2022 to 2023 window, so it's still quite the ways off. The game was first announced back in 2019 and then later reconfirmed earlier this year.