Payday 3 is coming despite Starbreeze's troubled past.
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The new CEO of Starbreeze is optimistic about the company's future despite its very troubled past. Tobias Sjören became the CEO of Starbreeze after the former CEO, Mikael Nermark, resigned in October. It's largely thanks to the continued success of Payday 2 that Sjören is optimistic about the future.

He says that the company is much stronger today than it was just one year ago. These statements were made alongside Starbreeze's Q4 and FY 2020 earnings call. Though the company still saw a loss in 2020, it was much smaller than the loss experienced in FY 2019.

For the sake of comparison, Starbreeze saw losses totaling $5.7M (USD) for 2020, which is an improvement over the $54.3M in losses experienced in 2019. The Payday series accounted for $13.4M sales out of the company's total of $14.2M net sales.

Sjören adds that it's "through the proven strength of the Payday franchise and a highly dedicated development team [that] we now have a stable platform that supports the continued successful development of Payday 3."