Call it a Valentine's Day gift to the fans.

Revelry is the name Respawn has bestowed on the upcoming Season 16 of Apex Legends. The season, expected to launch on February 14 at 10AM (PT) will feature some massive changes to very key parts of the game. Everything from classes, to first-time player experiences, to limited time modes is getting a bit of TLC from the developers.

Text reads Remastered Legend Classes. Then it says Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, Support.

First up, Respawn will be "adjusting all Legends" for Season 16. They are doing a rework to the Class system that they are calling "Remastered Legend Classes." In Season 16, there will be five Classes: Assault, Recon, Skirmisher, Controller, and Support. Each class will have a unique perk, "whether that be the way a Legend can interact with new loot bins or new ways to revive teammates."

Buffs and Nerfs

Some Legends will also get the general buff and nerf treatment. Some of the Legends mentioned getting this treatment include Lifeline, Seer, and Wraith. Respawn stopped just short on saying if those three were going to get buffed, nerfed, or some mix thereof. You'll have to wait a bit longer to find out.

Team Deathmatch LTM and New Weapon

Season 16 of Apex Legends will launch with Team Deathmatch as a limited-time game mode. This mode will be around for the first three weeks of the season. After that, it will rotate over to other modes like Gun Run and Control.

Respawn also briefly teased a new weapon coming in Season 16. It's a new energy weapon called The Nemesis. They hope that this weapon could possibly unseat weapons like the R-301 and Flatline, which sounds to me like this might be a new energy-based assault rifle.

New Player Experience

New to Apex Legends? You're in luck come Season 16 because Respawn will make some changes to the new player experience.

We’ll be making improvements to the Firing Range, adding in Dummy strafing and stats tracking. Specifically for our new players, we’ll be adding Bots to our matches so players can get their feet under them and a new Orientation Match system. Our goal with Orientation Matches is to create a lower-pressure environment where new players can get their bearings, learn the core mechanics, and have a little more space to breathe while they learn how to play Apex Legends.
New players will be able to play these Orientation Matches solo or with friends against the bots. It's sort of similar to how Fortnite handles new players before throwing them into matches that have no bots and are all full of real and sweaty people.

Anniversary Collection Event

This February marks four years of Apex Legends being around. Respawn is celebrating the milestone with the Anniversary Collection Event. This event features new community content reward track and lots of celebrations. One of those celebrations is a login reward offered for the first two weeks of the season. Week one will feature a free unlock of Crypto along with a Crypto-themed pack for everyone that logs into the game. Week two unlocks Ash for everyone and offers everyone an Ash-themed pack.

Every map in the rotation will also feature special celebratory decorations.

Respawn also notes that there will be "the return of a fan favorite" that they will reveal closer to launch. Fan favorite map? I'm guessing they'll bring back the original version of Kings Canyon, because I can't imagine what else they'd be talking about here.