The things that go bump in the night.
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Respawn Entertainment is once again offering up a little event for the spooky season that is Halloween. Starting October 12 and running through November 2, players will be able to participate in the Monsters Within Event.

This event will feature the Encore Arenas map, as well as earn special event-limited cosmetic items. The cosmetics will focus on the Legends of Revenant, Bloodhound, Caustic, and Seer.

In addition to the new Arenas map, detailed below, battle royale mode fans will get to enjoy the return of Shadow Royale. This is a darker version of the regular battle royale mode. The twist here is that everyone who dies can return in a Shadow-Form to try to exact revenge on the person that took them out and help out their teammates.

New Arenas Map: Encore
Encore is located on Seer's home planet, Boreas, and is one of the main arenas where he has been seen fighting. Seer’s most ardent fans would often cluster to watch him duel there. This map is open and offers strong environmental awareness. Good teamwork and strategy are key if you want to succeed in this arena.

The layout offers combat over two high-ground power positions. On one side we have a VIP Lounge. The lounge platform provides direct combat. Flank options in the interior sections bring good clutch opportunities and strategic ways to dominate the fights.

Across the VIP Lounge is the Performance Stage. Establishing control there depends heavily on support fire from your teammates. The flanks on top of the seat ramps are wide and exposed. The middle of Encore is devoid of high ground positions and separates the stage and the lounge platform.
There is a separate rewards track for each week of the event, with different prizes being offered each week. The end of the third week of the event will grant you a special skin for Loba. Other prizes include Apex packs, event packs, stars for your season pass, resources, and more.

Of course, what would a special Apex Legends event be without items that you can pay to unlock? Monster Within is no different. For 400 Apex Coins you can purchase an Event Thematic Pack that is "guaranteed to have a non-dupe event-limited item." Respawn is also going to offer some classic skins from previous Halloween events, which can be purchased through the Apex Store. A couple of these items include the Mistress of Evil skin for Wraith and the Deadly Byte skin for Crypto.

This event is changing things up ever so slightly. The Monsters Within Packs will be available for only the duration of the event. However, the items contained in them will always be available in the standard Apex Pack pool of items even after this event ends. Monsters Within items can always be crafted with crafting metals. However, these items will cost double the typical amount for at least two seasons. After such a time the costs may be reduced (but is not guaranteed).

During this event, there will be another limited time event that runs from October 26-November 1. During this time Octane will be "hosting the party" with a new "Muerte Rápida Bonus Bundle with Epic “Muerte Rápida” skin, Epic “Altar Ego” banner frame, a matching Rare “Flirting with Death” skin for the Volt and 2 Octane Packs (each guaranteed to have at least one Octane item)."