Welcome to the lands of Aeternum.
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After a number of delays and tests, New World from Amazon Games has officially shipped today. This new MMORPG will place you in the "haunted wilderness of Aeternum, a mysterious supernatural island in the twilight of the Age of Exploration."

It seems as though the new MMO has already earned itself quite the following. According to a live status page for New World, there are currently Over 427,000 players currently in-game. It looks like Amazon put up a bunch of servers for the game but they're all capped at 2,000 players each. Right now, the number of players in the queue to get in and start playing is in the several hundred thousand range. Just as an example, there are currently over 127,000 people waiting in the queue for US East servers and over 221,000 in the queue for the EU. Then there's also the US West and Sydney servers that also seem to have several thousand player queues each.

New World does not feature a monthly subscription. You can pay once and get access to the current content whenever you wish. There are some cosmetic microtransactions at present.

New World starts at just $39.99 (USD) for the Standard Edition. The Deluxe Edition with some extra goodies retails for just $49.99.

In New World, players are shipwrecked on Aeternum, where the fundamental laws of life and death are broken. New World offers players endless opportunities to fight, forage, and forge as they explore and conquer the island and uncover its dark mysteries. Players can band together in factions to vie for control of the map in massive player vs. player battles, or venture off solo (or in small groups) to explore Aeternum and learn its secrets.

New World features real-time action combat that is skill-based and visceral—every swing, dodge, and block matters. Aeternum is teeming with wretched creatures, twisted by centuries of death and revival, and players must hone their weapon and combat skills if they hope to survive. New World offers a wide variety of multiplayer combat experiences, including:
  • War: Epic siege warfare on a massive scale, with up to 100 players on the battlefield at once. The outcome of each war determines which company of players controls contested territories or settlements—and the resources they contain.
  • Outpost Rush: Teams of 20 players from two competing factions fight for control of fortifications and resources in this max-level instanced game mode that combines player vs. environment and player vs. player combat.
  • Expeditions: Five-player instanced dungeons that take players into the farthest corners and deepest depths of Aeternum, where they’ll face deadly foes and uncover truths about the island.
  • Invasions: Twisted armies of Aeternum muster their forces to assault player-controlled territories, and groups of 50 players rally together to fight off waves of monsters.

New World’s classless progression gives players freedom to develop their characters in unique ways, choosing the weapons—whether blade, powder, or magic—that best suit their playstyle. A deep crafting system and customizable player housing provide even more ways for players to carve their place in the world.

To celebrate New World’s launch, Amazon Prime members can claim the exclusive Pirate Pack now through November 1. The pack includes a Pirate character skin, emote, and $4.99 worth of in-game currency. It is the first in a series of seven Prime Gaming drops to be released in 2021 for New World.

New World is rated ESRB T (Teen), and is available on Amazon.com and Steam. The Standard Edition is $39.99, and the Deluxe Edition, featuring the Woodsman armor and hatchet skins, Mastiff house pet, Rock/Paper/Scissors emote set, and New World digital art book, is available for $49.99.