Why yes, this is the same Blizzard as the one facing multiple lawsuits, why do you ask?
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The current game director for Overwatch 2, Aaron Keller, and lead hero designer Geoff Goodman recently showed off some of the character reworks that are coming to Sombra and Bastion. These changes to design and abilities will be incorporated into the first Overwatch when Overwatch 2 is released. Remember that the PvP portion of Overwatch 2 will just be a free inclusion for the original game, while the campaign portion will be a paid experience.

Sombra will see a reduction to her crowd-control abilities. On the flip side, her potential damage has been increased to compensate. Her ability, Hack, now lasts for eight seconds and has a shorter three second cooldown. There will be two key components for her Hack ability as detailed by Goodman.

"The first component of the ability works exactly like it does in Overwatch 1, disabling abilities. However, that effect has been reduced to one second. The second component of Hack is a brand-new effect that reveals Hack targets to Sombra and her team through walls and it lasts the entire duration of the hack."
Sombra now has the ability to do 50% more damage to hacked targets. She will now also have the ability to use Hack while she is using stealth. While hacking, she will be briefly visible but will enter back into stealth automatically afterwards. Sombra's ultimate ability now just deals damage to enemies of up to 40% of their current health instead of removing all of their shields.

Bastion now rocks a cap for some reason. His repair ability is now gone completely from the game. In its place will be an alternate fire mode that shoots out a projectile that can bounce off walls and stick to players. It "does a ton of damage, has a really big radius, and is super fun to fire."

Bastion's recon mode has him using a more precise machine gun arm that features no spread at all. To compensate for this, the fire rate is significantly reduced compared to normal. The sentry mode allows Bastion to move around the map but at a reduced speed. There will be a cooldown on switching to this mode to ensure players don't get to spam it.

Bastion's ultimate in Overwatch 2 does away with the tank idea from the first game. Now, he will rain down artillery in three spots on the map. Players will get a top-down view of the map where they can place their zones to attack.

Overwatch 2 still has no release date.