It's not much of one, but it is still delayed nonetheless.
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Back in June, we shared the news that SkateBIRD was slated to be released on August 12. Sadly, that release date has been pushed back ever so slightly. The new release date is now September 16. So yeah, it's not a big delay but it's one that I felt was worth sharing if you were looking forward to being a skateboarding bird.

Glass Bottom Games founder Megan Fox shared this news a little bit ago today via Twitter. It seems as though the reasons aren't all that major or exciting. The team simply needed a bit of extra time to fix some bugs.

An announcement on the game's Steam page says that "shipping a game is hard." It continues on to say that they had encountered a little issue with the SDK where "old code worked but the new one suddenly didn't." Hey, these things happen. The wait won't be long now before you're pulling off sick tricks and combos in miniature skate heavens fit for a bird.

SkateBIRD is coming out on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even Amazon Luna.