It's a bird that skateboards.

During today's Indie World event that Nintendo put on, Glass Bottom Games announced that they are bringing Skatebird to the Nintendo Switch in late 2020.

To put it simply: Skatebird is a game where you control various, colorful birds that skateboard around bird-sized parks. These parks are made from things like erasers, straws, cardboard, tape, and pencils. While it may not have songs from Green Day, Skatebird features a "low-fi soundtrack," various clothing options, mixtapes, and "birbs that need your help" in each park.

So far, Skatebird is on track to be released on the Nintendo Switch and on PC via Steam and These are the current platforms as announced via the Skatebird Kickstarter that went up on June 11, 2019. For reference, Skatebird was full funded just a day later and currently sits at over $67,000 in funding. Not bad for a game that had just a $20,000 goal.