A new Legend, map changes, new weapon, and more.
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During EA Play Live, the Apex Legends team at Respawn revealed some hot new details for the next season of the popular battle royale game. The next season, entitled Emergence, will add in a new Legend, feature some major changes to the World's Edge map, add in a new weapon, and more. It will also include the addition of a Ranked Arenas mode for you hardcore Arena players out there.

Emergence will bring a new Legend to the battle. They're known as Seer. Seer will use microdrones on the battlefield. These microdrones will allow Seer to spot enemy locations through walls. His ultimate ability places a dome of microdrones in an area. Any player that walks through this field will be automatically tracked for a brief period of time.

Respawn is adding in a new weapon called the Rampage LMG. The story behind this weapon is that it's the latest creation from Rampart, one of Apex's Legends. Why Rampart would give this to other players to use against her is beyond me.

There will be some changes made to the World's Edge map, but Respawn isn't saying just yet what those changes are. I'm sure we'll have more details on that soon enough.

All of this new content will also get released alongside a new Emergence themed Battle Pass and Emergence Pack that features a unique skin for Seer and 600 Apex Coins. That optional pack arrives August 12.

Apex Legends Emergence will be released on August 3 across all available platforms.