The company may be in need of a new social media manager.
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Vertagear has apologized for making a series of sexist tweets, the latest of which was posted to their official Twitter account just yesterday. The company, known for their gaming chairs and other gaming accessories, issued an apology through their account after being publicly called out.

The tweet that kicked off this whole thing can be found here in the first screenshot. It was deleted shortly after it went up but still managed to pull in a fair deal of criticism before it was removed from the public eye. The company issued a statement today about the tweet.

The statement seems to directly address the singular tweet made on July 18. However, it didn't take long for people to find multiple other instances of sexist and ableist tweets made by the official account that date back several months.

Since then, Vertagear issued another apology. In this new statement, the company also notes that the person that was in charge of their social media will "no longer be with the company."

Naturally, people who do not understand the meaning of "empathy" have been quick to defend Vertagear and the previous remarks made through official social media channels. They claim it's "just a joke," yet when questioned about what the joke is, they fail to have an answer. Look, this shit isn't hard. Just because you don't find something offensive doesn't mean other people aren't allowed to find it offensive. Try being a decent human being for once instead of some privileged sad sack that gets outraged when something bothers someone else or a group you do not belong to.