There's a lot of new content that they're adding.
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Despite its goofy name, Death Stranding Director's Cut looks kind of amazing. A new trailer for the game was released today during the PlayStation State of Play stream. With the new trailer comes the announcement of a September 24 release date on the PlayStation 5.

I admit that I was skeptical of this Director's Cut at first, but after seeing the new trailer (seen below), I came away pretty damn impressed. This trailer showcases performance improvements made to the game, new combat encounters, upgraded melee combat, new guns including a mounted machine gun, and even a firing range to practice on.

Not into combat? No worries, because there are other new bits of content that impact the whole package delivery aspect of the game. There is now a cargo catapult, a new support skeleton that allows you to carry items around more easily, a walking pair of legs that can carry packages or you.

Kojima and his crew have also added in things like ramps so you can do some sick jumps on your motorcycle. There is also now an entire racetrack, called Fragile Circuit, that you can drive a sports car around on.

You still want more? Alright. There are also new story missions being added to the game. These missions will focus on a graveyard location and other ruined/desolate areas.

Death Stranding Director's Cut is out on September 24, 2021 for the PlayStation 5. There is a full purchase of the game available through the PlayStation Store, however we do not know if there will be an upgrade path from the original PS4 release. There will be an upgrade option available from the PS4 version for $10 (USD). We do not know whether or not any of this content will make its way to the PC.

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In the future, a mysterious event known as the DEATH STRANDING has opened a doorway between the living and the dead, leading to grotesque creatures from the afterlife roaming the fallen world marred by a desolate society.

Take on the trials of Sam Bridges with advanced combat, explore new locations with extra missions and minigames, experience an extended storyline and much more.